6031: Emergency Exclusion

ESU 4 staff have the right to exclude a contracted student from participation in ESU 4 programs if they reasonably believe that:

  1. The student has a dangerous communicable disease transmissible through normal educational contacts and poses an imminent threat to the health or safety of other contracted students or ESU 4 staff; or
  2. The student's conduct presents a clear threat to the physical safety of himself, herself, or others, or is so extremely disruptive as to make temporary removal necessary to preserve the rights of other students to receive contracted educational services.

An administrator from ESU 4 shall immediately notify a resident school district if the ESU 4 staff has determined to exclude a student from ESU 4 programs on an emergency basis.

In the event ESU 4 staff determine that it would be appropriate to consider the extension of an emergency exclusion of a student for more than five school days, unit staff shall promptly notify the student's resident school district for possible action pursuant to the Student Discipline Act. If the student's resident school district refuses to consider the extension of an exclusion beyond five days contrary to the recommendation of ESU 4 program staff, such refusal shall be grounds for the cancellation of the contract pursuant to which the student participates in ESU 4 programs.

Adopted on: June 8, 2009
Revised on: Aug. 12, 2019
Reviewed on: January 9, 2012