6020: Multicultural Education

ESU 4's programs will provide instruction which fosters and develops an appreciation and understanding of the racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage of all contracted students, as appropriate to the ability levels of the contracted students. This instruction will allow students to explore the history and contributions made by various ethnic groups and will emphasize human relations, sensitivity toward all races, and the rich diversity of the population of the United States.  The multi-cultural instruction shall be implemented within the guidelines of the State Department of Education and in accordance with any other applicable laws and/or regulations.

Philosophy, Mission, and Program Goals. The ESU respects and appreciates cultural diversity and seeks to promote the understanding of unique cultural and ethnic heritage.  The ESU will promote the development of a culturally responsible and responsive curriculum.  The ESU’s program will explore the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to function in various cultures.

ESU Guides, Frameworks, or Standards. Appropriate ESU staff and/or committee(s) will review the ESU curriculum guides, frameworks, or standards to determine that they appropriately incorporate multicultural education.

Selecting Appropriate Instructional Materials. Appropriate ESU staff and/or committee(s) will review instructional materials and make a recommendation regarding those that are appropriate for the ESU’s multicultural education program.

Providing Staff Development. Appropriate ESU staff and/or committee(s) will review the staff development provided for administrators, teachers, and support staff to determine that it includes appropriate multicultural education that is consistent with ESU and program goals.

Periodic Assessment. Appropriate ESU staff and/or committee(s) will periodically review the ESU’s multicultural education program by reviewing the criteria in this policy to assess whether the ESU is adequately and appropriately incorporating multicultural education in all curriculum areas in all grades.

Annual Status Report. The ESU administrator may provide the board with a report on the status of the ESU’s multicultural education program annually.

Adopted on: June 8, 2009
Revised on: August 12, 2019
Revised on: August 10, 2020
Reviewed on: April 16, 2012
Reviewed on: Feb. 12, 2024