ESU 4 Staff Forms

Leave Request Form - This is a Google Document. You will need to make a copy if you want to edit it online. When it opens in Google Documents, go to "File" and then select "Make a copy." To sign the form electronically using an Apple Computer, please view this instructional video. To sign forms electronically using a Windows computer, please view this instructional video.

Expense Voucher Form - This is a Google Sheet. You will need to make a copy if you want to edit it online. When it opens in Google Sheets, go to "File" and then select "Make a copy." Please do not edit Column D, H, or Row 45. These ranges are self-calculating.

Google Classroom - The Google Classroom is intended for all staff. It contains information related to ESU 4 employees. You must login with your "esu4" account.

Absenteeism Surveillance Worksheet - When you are absent from work please complete this surveillance worksheet as soon as possible. The Southeast District Health Department has asked the schools within the district to report the number of staff and students absent from school due to illness before noon everyday. ESU 4 and NCECBVI will send a daily report to the health department with the number of staff absent only; we WILL NOT be sending the names of individual employees absent. The last question is for any additional comments you feel is necessary to report

ESU 4 Staff Schedules

  ESU 4 Staff Weekly Itinerary   
  ESU 4: 402.274.4354 NCECBVI: 402.873.5513/800.826.4355 
Date: June 1-4-2021
Lori Broady Learning Center   
Denise Buethe     
Dustin Buggi     
Molly Cunningham     
Kendall Hallstrom     
Joel Halpine     
Lori Harring     
Chuck HummelESU 4 Learning CenterESU 4ESU 4ESU 4
Amy Jobe     
Sue Knickman     
Jen Madison Learning Center   
Felicia Martin     
Jodie McConnaugheyESU 4ESU 4ESU 4ESU 4ESU 4
Jake McCormick     
Catie Niedermeyer     
Dani Niss Learning Center   
Rose Petersen     
Gregg Robke Learning CenterESU 4ESU 4ESU 4
Chelsea Shaw     
Ellen Stokebrand Learning CenterESU 4ESU 4ESU 4
Kathy TaylorESU 4ESU 4ESU ESU /LeaveESU 4

Health Van

Mary Jo - Nurse

Ivon - Nurse