ESU 4 Special Education

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Services Offered

Program Supervision consists of three components. The first includes the administrative support for school districts in the following activities:

  • Assistance with the completion of all special education reports required by the Nebraska Department of Education including final financial reports, plans and budgets, transportation, flexible funding proposals, etc.
  • Technical assistance in developing and implementing special education policies and procedures consistent with legal mandates.
  • Assistance with the standards review process conducted by the Nebraska Department of Education.
  • Access to professional staff development programs to update and train school district personnel on issues related to students with special needs.

The second component of the program supervision refers to the administration of and support for ESU 4 special education professionals who deliver direct services to students and districts.

The third component of program supervision refers to the administration and support of the Early Childhood, Multi-Handicapped and Life Skills Level III programs that provide direct services to students.

Psychological Services include the evaluation and/or assessment of children who are having difficulty learning. Assessment should assist in determining how to provide appropriate learning opportunities for each student. This educational assessment may also be used to determine eligibility for special education services. A certified school psychologist may provide consultation and in-service to school personnel and parents.

Audiological Services are available to children who might have hearing concerns. A certified audiologist provides evaluation, consultation to parents and teachers, and intervention that may include the use of assistive technology.

Speech/Language Services address the evaluation, consultation and intervention needs of children who may have speech/language difficulties. Speech/language pathologists provide support for children requiring direct intervention for articulation disorders, voice problems and disfluency as well as for those children requiring augmentative communication devices.

Resource Services include the consultation and direct support that is provided by special education teachers to help children access the general education curriculum of their district.

Early Childhood Services include a variety of programs available for children, birth through age 5. Early Intervention services coordination is available for families and children experiencing developmental delays. Included is evaluation, consultation and intervention. Educational services for children, birth through age 2, are often provided in the child's natural environment by early childhood personnel trained to work with young children. A center-based preschool program provides appropriate intervention for children, ages 3 through 5.

Education Services are available for students, through age 21, who have been identified with disabilities that require specific individualized instructional programs with personnel trained to work with moderate and severe disabilities. Evaluation, consultation and intervention may also be provided by specialists in physical therapy, occupational therapy and transition, depending upon the individual needs of each student.

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