3056: Resignation of Certificated Staff

Certificated staff members who know they will not be returning to employment at the ESU for the following school year are encouraged to submit their resignations as early as possible, to enable the board to find suitable replacements. Unless otherwise required by law or contract, the following resignation requirements apply.

Staff members who submit their resignations to the board of education by the earlier of (a) April 15th or (b) the date designated in a written request of the school board or the administrators to accept employment for the next school year pursuant to section 79-829 (provided that such acceptance date may not be earlier than March 15th of each year) will be released from the next school year's contract. Staff members who refuse to fulfill their contractual obligations may be reported to the Professional Practices Committee of the Nebraska Department of Education.

Adopted on: December 10, 2018
Revised on: August 8, 2022
Reviewed on: June 13, 2022