3055: Head Teacher

The Board of Education finds that in order to provide for the effective management of the school system, to provide for harmonious working relationships among teaching staff, and to facilitate coordination of curriculum and extracurricular instruction, the ESU should create the position Head Teacher.

  1. Assignment and Compensation 
    1. The ESU Administrator shall recommend an existing staff member to the Board of Education and the board shall approve or disapprove that recommendation. If the board disapproves the recommendation, the ESU Administrator shall recommend another candidate. 
    2. The assignment of a staff member to the position of Head Teacher shall be for the upcoming school year only, although the same teacher may be reassigned to the position for as many successive years as the ESU Administrator and Board determine to be appropriate. 
    3. The Head Teacher assignment is not a part of the teacher's basic teaching contract with the district, and is not subject to any of the provisions of the continuing contract law set forth in section 79 824 through 79 842 of the Nebraska Statutes.
    4. Compensation for Head Teacher duties may be negotiated with the ESU Administrator and/or the ESU Board of Education.
  2. Duties
    1. The Head Teacher will be the ESU Administrator’s designee for all circumstances contemplated by board policy or state statute.
    2. The Head Teacher will act as the building (or ESU’s) administrator when the ESU Administrator is absent from the ESU or otherwise unable to perform administrative duties.

Adopted on: December 10, 2018
Revised on: _________________________
Reviewed on: May 9, 2022