2019: Development and Education of Board Members

  1. New Board Member Orientation
    1. All new board members are strongly encouraged to attend new board member training and workshops.
    2. Sitting board members and the administrator will assist each new member-elect to understand the board’s functions, policies, and procedures before he or she takes office.
  2. Ongoing Development and Education
    1. Board members provide the most effective service to the ESU when they are continuously updated on educational and legal issues. Attendance at meetings directly or indirectly related to education or school matters is encouraged for the value they have to the ESU and the professional growth of board members.
    2. Board members are encouraged to engage in continuing education such as:
      1. Participation in local, regional and state conferences and workshops such as meetings of the Nebraska Association of School Boards, the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association, and the Nebraska Council of School Administrators.
      2. Participation in legislative sessions and related activities.
      3. Participation in national conventions such as the Association of Educational Service Agencies, the National School Boards Association and/or the American Association of School Administrators on a rotating basis among the members.
      4. Examination of other school facilities and their programs.

The administrator shall notify board members of all relevant conferences and workshops, other local and regional meetings, and/or in-service activities.

Board members should refer to Policy 2007 for information on reimbursement for attendance at continuing education and training.

Adopted on: March 12, 2018
Revised on: _______________
Reviewed on: May 10, 2021