2007: Reimbursement and Miscellaneous Expenditures

  1. Board members, employees, and volunteers of the ESU are expected to maintain and enhance their effectiveness by being well-informed on issues affecting education. They are encouraged to attend education workshops, conferences, training programs, official functions, hearings, and meetings sponsored by the school district or state and national educational organizations which are helpful to them in performing their duties or which are in the best interests of the ESU.
  2. This board hereby gives prior approval for board members to attend meetings described in the preceding paragraph.  Upon approval by the board president, or the administrator or designee when the board president is unavailable, such board members may attend authorized meetings without further action or approval by the board, and shall be paid or reimbursed for registration costs, tuition costs, fees or charges, travel expenses, and costs of meals and lodging as permitted by law.
    1. The administrator or the administrator's designee may authorize employees and volunteers to attend meetings described in the first paragraph and may authorize the payment of such registration costs, tuition costs, fees, charges, travel expenses, costs of meals, and/or costs of lodging as he or she deems appropriate and as permitted by law.
    2. Expenses for attendance at any of the above activities shall be paid by the ESU as allowed by law. The Board shall pay or reimburse attendees for expenses that are actually, necessarily, and reasonably incurred in attending educational seminars, conventions, and workshops; conferences; training programs; official school functions, hearings or meetings, provided that such reimbursement is permitted by law.
    3. The board authorizes the expenditure of funds for non-alcoholic beverages for individuals attending public meetings of the board and non-alcoholic beverages and meals for individuals while performing or immediately after performing relief, assistance, or support activities in emergency situations, and for any volunteers during or immediately following their participation in any activity approved by the board.
    4. It is in the best interest of this ESU to recognize service by board members, employees, and volunteers. The board authorizes the president, superintendent or the superintendent's designee to determine when and to whom plaques, certificates of achievement, flowers or other items of value should be granted, provided that no such plaque, certificate, flowers or other item of value shall cost more than $100.00.
      e. Funds may be spent for one recognition dinner each year for elected and appointed officials, employees or volunteers of the school district. The maximum cost per person for such a dinner shall not exceed $25.00.

Adopted on: December 11, 2014
Revised on: January 8, 2017
Reviewed on:  March 8, 2021