4049: Drones and Unmanned Aircraft

Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and any other such vehicles (“drones”), which are not operated for purposes of ESU programs or activities, may not be operated on or above ESU property without the prior written permission of the administrator or designee. Any authorized use of drones must comply with all state and federal regulations governing the operation of drones, including FAA regulations.

Drones owned by the ESU or operated on or above ESU property with permission must be operated:

  1. In compliance with this policy and all other ESU policies;
  2. Only outside the school building(s) in the area authorized or designated by the administrator or designee;
  3. Under the direct supervision of an individual fully trained and skilled in the system’s operation;
  4. By an individual with the requisite skill and training to safely operate the drone; and
  5. Consistent with any other limitations imposed by the administrator or designee.

Any monitoring or recording of picture, video, or audio by a drone must have the prior written permission of the administrator or designee and comply with all board policies governing recordings, data, and records.

Any unauthorized use of a drone is strictly prohibited. Devices used in a manner that does not comply with this policy or applicable state and federal law may be confiscated and the operator may be subject to discipline, civil liability, or criminal liability.

Adopted on: February 12, 2019
Reviewed on: March 13, 2023