4018: Denial of Access to ESU Premises or Activities

The ESU may provide access to the ESU's buildings, grounds, and activities to individuals who have legitimate reasons for being on ESU grounds. The administrator or designee (referred to herein as the “administrator”) may limit or deny access to ESU buildings, grounds, and activities to any person who:

  1. Disrupts the educational or work environment;
  2. Repeatedly fails or refuses to comply with any visitor protocol;
  3. Is unreasonably boisterous;
  4. Engages in violence, force, coercion, threats, intimidation, or similar conduct;
  5. Causes or attempts to cause damage to ESU property or to the property of any ESU employee or agent;
  6. Causes or attempts to cause personal injury to any person on ESU grounds or at a ESU activity on or off ESU grounds;
  7. Uses vulgar, profane, or demeaning language; 
  8. Uses fighting words; or
  9. Poses a danger to the safety and well-being of students.

Upon determining that a person has engaged in, or is engaging in conduct that constitutes grounds for exclusion under this policy, the administrator shall take such action as he or she determines appropriate, including directing the person to cease engaging in the conduct or to leave the ESU premises or activity immediately. The administrator may request assistance from law enforcement authorities to remove an offending person from the ESU grounds.

The administrator shall have the authority to fix the time when, and the conditions under which, the offending person may return to ESU premises. A person who enters ESU premises in violation of these conditions shall be deemed to be trespassing. The administrator may summon law enforcement authorities to remove the person and request that criminal proceedings be initiated.

Adopted on: February 12, 2019
Revised on: _________________________
Reviewed on: Dec. 12, 2022