3041 - Staff Dress and Appearance

Staff Dress and Appearance

The attire worn by staff members conveys an important image to students and the general public. The appearance of professional staff members shall be appropriate to their assigned duties and indicative of their professional standing in the school and community.

1. Staff Expectations in Dress and Appearance

a. General Expectations in Dress and Appearance

i. Certified staff, paraeducators, and office staff should generally dress in business casual attire that is clean and professional.
ii. Custodial, maintenance, and transportation staff should dress in attire appropriate to the work they are performing.

b. Unacceptable Forms of Dress and Appearance

i. The following are examples of unprofessional attire which should not be worn by classroom staff during the traditional school day, when students or visitors are in attendance, or when the employee is supervising, directing, or coaching students when the public is in attendance:

1. For men: shirts without collars, unless the shirt can be deemed professional by other standards.
2. Athletic wear, including sweat, jogging and wind suits, except when teaching a physical education activity in the gymnasium, on a playing field, or at athletic or other activity practices. 
3. Shorts, except when teaching physical education class or at athletic or other activity practices.
4. Blue jeans, except at athletic or other activity practices, or on days considered to be “dress down” days. 
5. Hats, except when worn outside for sun coverage.
6. Rubber soled ‘flip flop’ thong sandals.
7. Any attire which is excessively wrinkled or torn, so that it is no longer neat and professional. 
8. Any attire which is immodest or may distract other employees or students in the learning environment.

2. Enforcement

a. The administrator or the administrator’s designee shall maintain the discretion to make determinations on staff dress and appearance. The administrator may temporarily suspend all or a portion of the dress code when other factors support a lower dress expectation for school employees (e.g., special “casual days” or field days). Any violation of school policy and rules may result in disciplinary action.

Adopted on: December 10, 2018
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