3030: Evaluation of Certificated Employees

All certificated employees to be evaluated shall be notified annually in writing of the evaluation process. A certificated administrator, with the exception of the local board of education when it is evaluating the administrator, will observe and evaluate each probationary certificated employee for a full instructional period once each semester and each permanent certificated employee for a full instructional period once each school year. If the probationary certificated employee is an administrator, he or she shall be evaluated twice during the first year of employment and at least once annually thereafter. The evaluation will include, but not be limited to evaluating the employee’s instructional performance, classroom organization and management, personal conduct, and professional conduct. Evaluation of instructional performance and classroom organization and management is applicable to teachers only. The administrator will provide the employee with a written list of deficiencies, suggestions and a timeline for correcting the deficiencies and improving performance, and sufficient time to improve. The evaluation form will include notice that the employee may respond to the evaluation in writing.

The ESU will train administrators in evaluation annually through meetings with the administration, attendance at regional, state or national workshops, or any other method approved by the administrator.

For the purposes of this policy, the terms "actual classroom observation" and "entire instructional period" are defined as follows:

Entire Instructional Period. For certificated employees whose classes are held during defined periods of time (e.g., senior high classes), an entire instructional period consists of one such time period. For those whose time periods are not so defined (e.g., elementary classroom teachers), an entire instructional period consists of 40 minutes. The instructional period for those whose work does not necessarily involve continuous instruction for 40-minute periods (e.g., librarians or speech therapists) consists of no less than 40 minutes total during the semester. The entire instructional period for administrators cannot be defined in terms of an instructional period and shall be satisfied by the actual observation of an administrator's work during the semester for no less than 40 minutes.

Actual Classroom Observation. Actual classroom observation consists of observing the certificated employee in any activities in a classroom setting. When a certificated employee does not have classroom responsibility (e.g., administrators or librarians), the requirement of "actual classroom observation" will be satisfied by observing the certificated employee performing activities that are typical of his or her position.

Adopted on: November 14, 2011
Revised on: December 10, 2018
Reviewed on: Jan. 10, 2022