3027: Part-Time Certified Employees

Percentage of Time. The percentage of time that a teacher works will be determined by calculating the amount of time that the teacher is required to be at an ESU building to teach or supervise classes, plus any assigned preparation time, as a percentage of the entire school day. Extracurricular assignments shall not be considered in determining a teacher's percentage of time. Part-time and temporary teachers may or may not be assigned preparation time, at the sole discretion of the board of education, upon the recommendation of the administrator.

Acquiring Permanent Status. A part-time teacher may become a permanent certificated employee pursuant to the provisions of state statutes.

Salary. The salary, benefits and leave entitlement of a part-time teacher shall be determined by multiplying the percentage of time the individual works by his or her placement on the full-time salary schedule contained in each academic year’s negotiated agreement. The percentage of time a part-time teacher is required to be on duty shall be determined by the board of education upon the recommendation of the administrator.

Horizontal Movement on the Salary Schedule. A part-time teacher may qualify for movement horizontally on the salary schedule by earning graduate hours of college credit as set forth in the guidelines of the school district's salary schedule, and according to the applicable ESU policies.

Attendance at In-service Meetings, Faculty Meetings, and ESU Activities. A part-time teacher is responsible for attending in-service meetings, faculty meetings, and ESU activities that take place outside the teacher’s assigned duty hours without additional compensation. A part-time teacher is responsible for performing such tasks as selling or taking tickets, and will be compensated for such tasks pursuant to the policy, practice or negotiated agreement of the school district.

Continuation of Employment. The ESU administration and board will deal with the continuation of a part-time teacher's employment pursuant to state statute and the procedures prescribed for full-time employees in these policies.

Adopted on: Sept. 10, 2018
Revised on: _______________
Reviewed on: Jan. 10, 2022