3017: Relations with Employee Collective Bargaining Associations

The board recognizes the right of staff members to belong to organizations for bargaining purposes pursuant to state statutes. The board will negotiate with employee associations that have been established in accordance with public employee bargaining statutes and will negotiate with local collective bargaining unit representatives at mutually agreeable times.

To facilitate an amicable relationship between the ESU and any local employee associations, the ESU will allow associations to make reasonable use of ESU facilities for meetings outside the school’s and the employees’ work hours. With administrative approval, associations may use district resources, post notices of meetings and other information on bulletin boards designated for this purpose, and use district e-mail and mail boxes for delivery of employment-related information. Associations must pay for all supplies used, damage caused, or the loss or theft of borrowed property.

Adopted on: Sept. 10, 2018
Revised on: _______________
Reviewed on: Nov. 8, 2021