3007: Personnel Records

The ESU shall maintain a personnel file regarding each employee. All materials in a personnel file, except for employment references and information that was gathered in the process of assessing an applicant for hiring, shall be available to the employee for review within a reasonable period of time of the employee's request. Employees may inspect the contents of their personnel files only in the presence of an administrator or a person designated by the administration.

An employee may respond to any document(s) in his or her personnel file by submitting a written response to the person responsible for keeping the file, who shall attach the response to file copies of the disputed document.

No person other than ESU officials engaged in their professional duties shall be granted access to employees' personnel files, and the contents of such files shall not be divulged in any manner to any unauthorized person. An attorney acting on behalf of the ESU is deemed to be an ESU official for purposes of this policy.

Adopted on: June 9, 2008
Revised on: June 11, 2018
Reviewed on: May 9, 2011
Reviewed on: Sept. 13, 2021