2015: Process for Providing Services and Calculating Costs

  1. Provision of Services
    1. Educational Service Unit No. 4 (the "ESU") shall provide all services required by law to its member school districts. 
    2. The ESU may also contract to provide services allowed by law to: 
      1. non-member public school districts; 
      2. non-public school systems;
      3. other educational service units; and
      4. other political subdivisions under the Interlocal Cooperation Act and the Joint Public Agency Act.
  2. Evaluation of Requests
    1. The ESU board shall evaluate all requests for services submitted according to ESU's policy or recommended or proposed by the advisory committee. The ESU shall give due consideration to: 
      1. the requested services' costs to the ESU;
      2. the requested services' effect on other educational programs and services provided by the ESU; and 
      3. the ESU's ability to provide the requested services adequately and efficiently.
    2. If deemed necessary by the ESU board, the ESU board may submit the request to the advisory committee and/or the ESU administrator for a recommendation regarding the requested services.
  3. Approval of Requests
    1. Prior to approving a request for services, the ESU shall convey to the requesting party the amount which the requesting party must pay for the services, and, if necessary, the requesting party may withdraw or amend its request for services.
    2. Requests for services must be approved by a majority of the ESU board. Upon approval of a request for services, the ESU board may authorize the ESU administrator and/or other ESU personnel to take the actions necessary to provide the approved services.
  4. Calculation of Costs
    1. The ESU shall calculate the costs of its services using any reasonable method of accounting for Nebraska political subdivisions.

Adopted on: March 10, 2008
Revised on: March 12, 2018
Reviewed on: April 11, 2011
Reviewed on: April 12, 2021