2002: Organization of the Board

  1. The principal office of Educational Service Unit No. 4 (the "ESU") is located at the following address: 2301 Dahlke Ave., Auburn, NE 68305. If necessary for the performance of its duties, the ESU may establish other offices within the ESU's boundaries.
  2. Membership, Term and Election
    1. The Board of Educational Service Unit No. 4 shall be composed of one member from each voting district, all of whom shall reside within the geographical boundaries of the educational service unit.
    2. Those who wish to serve on the board shall file, be elected, and serve terms of office on the board according to law.
  3. Internal Organization
    1. President
      1. At the regular January meeting, the board shall elect from among its members a president who shall serve in that capacity for one year.
      2. The president shall preside at all board meetings, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the board.
    2. Vice President
      1. At the regular January meeting, the board shall elect from among its members a vice president who shall serve in that capacity for one year.
      2. The vice president shall preside in the absence of the president, and shall perform such other duties as are assigned by the board.
    3. Secretary
      1. At the regular January meeting, the board shall elect a secretary who need not be a member of the board. The  secretary shall serve in that capacity for one year. If the secretary is a member of the board, an assistant secretary may be named and his or her duties and compensation set by the board.
      2. The secretary shall see that an accurate record of the proceedings of the board is kept, that a copy of the proceedings is provided to each board member and to the administrator, and that a concise summary of each month's meeting is published. The secretary shall perform such other duties as are prescribed by law and assigned by the board.
    4. Treasurer
      1. A treasurer shall be employed by the board on a year-to-year basis. The treasurer's salary will be fixed by the board.
      2. No board member of an ESU shall be employed by the ESU board on which he or she is a board member.
      3. The treasurer shall give bond or equivalent insurance coverage payable to the ESU as prescribed by law with the cost of the bond being paid by the ESU.
      4. The treasurer shall issue no warrant of payment of claim against the ESU until such claim has been duly authorized by the board and has been duly signed by the president and countersigned by the secretary.
      5. The vice president may sign any warrant in the absence of the president.
      6. The treasurer shall attend meetings of the board, prepare and submit a monthly report of the state of the ESU's finances, and pay out money of the board upon signed warrants as authorized by this policy.
  4. Committees
    1. The board shall authorize special committees as it deems necessary.
    2. The board president shall appoint members to the committee, and designate its function, tasks it is to perform, and a completion date four its work.
  5. Vacancies
    1. A vacancy on the board of education shall exist when any one of the following occurs:
      1. A member submits his or her formal resignation from the board.
      2. A member removes himself or herself from the district.
      3. A member misses more than two consecutive regular board meetings unless excused by a majority of the remaining members.
      4. Such other reasons as are set forth in the Nebraska statutes.
    2. The board shall note the vacancy in its minutes and shall give notice of the date the vacancy occurred, the office vacated, and the length of the unexpired term to (1) the election commissioner or county clerk, and (2) the public by published notice in the newspaper of general circulation of the ESU.
    3. Vacancies shall be filled in the manner set forth in Nebraska statutes.
  6. Duties of the Board
    1. Determination of Participation - The board shall determine the participation of the ESU in providing supplementary educational services.
    2. Determination of Facilities and Other Resources - The board shall determine the locations within geographical area for its principal office and for the performance of its services. The board shall determine the facilities, equipment and supplies to enable the ESU to perform its duties and carry out its mission.
    3. Appointment of an Administrator and Employment of Staff - The board shall appoint an administrator, who shall be a person experienced in public school administration and who shall hold at least a standard administrative certificate. The board shall also fix the administrators compensation and establish the administrator's duties. With the advice of the administrator, the board shall also employ and fix the compensation and duties of such professional and clerical assistants as shall be necessary.
    4. Budget
      1. The board, prior to the levying of any tax as provided by law, shall prepare a budget for the operation and maintenance of the ESU for the ensuing year. This budget shall itemize the contemplated expenditures and the expected revenue from taxation received by the ESU, from available federal, state, and county sources, from contractual revenue from school districts, and from all other agencies and sources.
      2. A summary of the prepared yearly budget shall be published one time in a legal newspaper published in or of general circulation in each county in the ESU at least five days before a meeting at which such budget shall be considered for adoption by the board. Such publication shall also specify the date, time, and place of the public hearing at which the budget will be considered and any tax levy made.
    5. Report of Yearly Activities - The board shall publish by November 1 of each year a brief report of the yearly activities of the board. The report shall include the amount of revenue received and expenditures itemized by categories. This publication shall be for one time in a newspaper of general circulation distributed in each county in the ESU. A copy of the report shall be distributed to each member school district by November 1 of each year.

Adopted on: January 14, 2008
Revised on: January 8, 2017
Reviewed on: April 11, 2011