1002: Creation, Amendment, and Distribution of Education Policies; Accreditation and Evaluation

  1. Policy Adoption Generally
    1. Each of these policies shall become the official policy of the ESU when the board has approved it by majority vote of the members present at any lawfully convened meeting of the board.
    2. It shall generally be the practice of the board to adopt or amend any policy after a single reading at any regular or special board meeting. However, the board may, in its discretion, review policies at multiple meetings prior to taking action.
    3. Each policy shall bear the date when it was adopted, revised, or reviewed.
    4. The administrator shall distribute copies of these policies to all members of the board, maintain a master copy in the central office, and see to it that the policies are maintained on the ESU's web site.
    5. The board may update or add policies as needed. The board shall determine the number of copies to be made and their distribution. The administrator shall maintain an up-to-date master copy of the policies in the main administrative office. Unless otherwise directed by the board, the master copy shall be considered the official ESU policy manual.
  2. Annual Accreditation
    1. The ESU will submit an Annual Accreditation Compliance Report before November 1 of each year in compliance with 92 NAC 84.
  3. Improvement and Evaluation
    1. Al least once every year the board shall:
      1. Identify annual improvement goals
      2. Evaluate progress toward improvement goals
    2. At least once every five years the board shall:
      1. Review its mission and vision statement
      2. Review and improve on-going collection and analysis of aggregate data about student performance, programs, core services, demographics, and school district satisfaction; and set annual improvement goals based on the data
      3. Develop and implement a plan that includes procedures, strategies, or actions to achieve goals
      4. Engage in an external team review as required by law

Adopted on: January 14, 2008
Revised on: Nov. 13, 2017
Reviewed on: April 11, 2011
Reviewed on: January 11, 2021