ESU4 High School Quiz Bowl Teams Compete for State Qualification

Picture of high school quiz bowl winners - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

Johnson County Central, NE - On March 27, 2023, high school quiz bowl teams from across ESU4 gathered at Johnson County Central to compete for a chance to qualify for the state competition. The competition was fierce, with each team displaying impressive knowledge and quick thinking skills.

The format of the quiz bowl consists of two teams of five players each.. The game is divided into two halves, each consisting of three rounds. In the first half, players answer toss-up questions, which are open to both teams and worth 5 points each. If a player from the home team answers the toss-up correctly, they are then given a bonus question worth 10 points, which only their team can answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner. The rules of the ESU4 High School Quiz Bowl include a limit on the amount of time players have to answer each question. Overall, the quiz bowl is designed to be a challenging and exciting competition, showcasing the academic abilities of high school students. Sample questions from this year’s high school competition included:

  • Which one of the three Baltic States lies closest to Finland? (Estonia)
  • The hippocampus, amygdala, hypothalamus, part of the thalamus and the fornix are collectively known as which system that is part of the brian responsible for behavioral and emotional responses. (Limbic)
  • Interaction of Sets - Set A is the set of positive multiples of 2 that are less than or equal to 30. Set B is the set of positive multiples of 3 that are less than or equal to 30. Set C is the set of positive multiples of 5 that are less than or equal to 30. Find the members of: C intersect quantity A union B close quantity.

After several rounds of intense questioning, the teams from Auburn and Palmyra Bennet emerged as the top performers, earning them a spot in the upcoming state competition. These teams will represent ESU4 and compete against other top quiz bowl teams from around the state.

The state competition will be hosted by ESU 9 in Hastings on April 26 2023, and the ESU4 teams will have the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and compete for the title of state champion. We wish Auburn and Palmyra Bennet the best of luck in the upcoming competition and look forward to seeing them represent ESU4 with pride.

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Contact: Lori Broady
ESU 4 Quiz Bowl Coordinator

Winners of the High School Quiz bowl - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.