ESU Van Delivery

Welcome back! 2016-17 will bring some changes to the ESU 4 Van Service. ESU 4 sends a van to each school building, delivering media items, correspondence, technology equipment, and, almost anything else you could imagine. This van, for the past several years has made its weekly trip on Wednesdays and will continue to do so this year. However, a call will be made to each building if the van has no deliveries to determine the need to go to that school. Due to changes in technology and how we communicate, the number of items handled by the van has steadily dropped through the years. As the school year progresses, we will look at the need of the schools and determine if the van will continue to go to each building, or perhaps change to one drop per district or even on an as needed basis. Your input is welcomed and encouraged. Please email Chuck Hummel with any questions as we determine how this service will look in the future.

The Route will run as follows:
Auburn Public
ESU programs
Falls City Public
Falls City Sacred Heart
HTRS - Humboldt
HTRS - Table Rock
Pawnee City
Tecumseh - St. Andrews
Tecumseh - JCC
Johnson Co. Central (Cook)
Neb City Public
Neb City Lourdes
Peru State College