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Nick Ferguson
BFIT Classroom Teacher
Phone: 402.274.4354
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I am Nick Ferguson, the new Teacher at ESU's B-FIT program in Humboldt. I am originally from Falls City. I received my Bachelor's from St. Mary of the Plains in 1978 and completed my Master's Level Behavior Disorder Program in 2000. After 15 years teaching in Kansas, I came back to Nebraska to teach and coach. I was with Conestoga Schools for four years and have spent the last 13 years at Platteview High School in Springfield. My son, Dustin, is an aspiring movie director and screenwriter in Hollywood and my daughter, Jordyn, is a small business owner in Wenatchee, Washington. I've moved back to Falls City to provide support to my parents and to continue my teaching career. I am very proud to be a certified employee with ESU 4.

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